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daniele lai batmad

Daniele Lai

CEO + Founder

Communication designer.

I am an art director, project manager and photographer. My studies in IT and psychology, together with my training as an advertising graphic designer and photographer, brought me closer to the world of marketing and communications while working at an important Italian IT company.
However, my aim was to work independently. From this idea and its natural evolution, Batmad Communication, were created.

marcello treglia batmad

Marcello Treglia


Web expert and freelance photographer.

The digital world is my passion, so working in this sector is my mission. I am in charge of website visibility (SEO), traffic (SEM) and promotion (Social Media, Facebook ADS and Google ADS). I am also responsible for providing digital training courses for the most important training centers in Sardinia.

battista simula batmad

Battista Simula


Full Stack Developer.

I have become a "Full Stack" developer thanks to a career spanning thirty-years. Economic studies and a passion for mathematics have increased my passion for IT and technological infrastructures.
I am in charge of server-side applications, web and e-commerce site development for Batmad customers.